Executive Summary

A reflection is a tool that can profoundly change your spiritual state. In this course, we will reflect on life-changing concepts that are part and parcel of every believer’s recipe for elevation in the spiritual ladder.

Course Summary

In this course, we will reflect and ponder on the wisdoms derived from a world pandemic. Sometimes the most powerful teacher could be life itself.  Wisdom can be gained by deriving lessons from our own experiences in life, especially in the current circumstance we all find ourselves in.

Learn to connect to the Islamic faith and its principles which aim to raise our spirits and connect us to what life was all about, to begin with- a test from the Almighty to see which of us the best in action. 

Join us as we discuss some of the lessons learnt from these difficult yet opportunistic times; We will discuss the value of time, abstinence, patience, reliance on God, and much more will be reflected upon, as we venture into the core of our beings and uplift our standards and become enriched through these lessons.

Learning Outcomes

  • One will realize where they are spiritually in their lives
  • Gain wisdom and insight on how to deal with tribulations
  • Having a sound approach to change
  • Prioritization of values
  • A yearning to excel in your spiritual state
Number of Lessons 27
Total Duration 10:21:20